Men's Manicure

man laying on beach with manicure hand forward

Manicure for men...

What exactly is a men’s manicure? A manicure is not just for the ladies any more. Adding this simple task to your regular men's grooming routine will not only help your hands look superior aesthetically, but it will also make them feel better. When your job demands heavy use of your hands, it is critical to avoid any hang nails or awkward nails that could get in your way. Adding in regular men’s manicures can help you avoid these annoyances.

Step 1: Cut the nail
A manicure for men starts with cutting your nails with a nail clipper. Clip only the white part of the nail and try to perform only one clip per nail.

Step 2: File the edges
Start by taking a nail file and gently file on one side of the nail to the other. Pretend as if the file is sanding back the nail. Use this action to round the top of the nail, stopping only when you feel the file starting to come into contact with your finger tip.

Step 3: Cut the extra cuticle
For those of you that don’t know, the cuticle is the often lighter area that bunches where your finger and toe nails meet your skin. Remove the extra cuticle with a cuticle clipper and not with your fingers.

Step 4: Hydrate the hands
Apply a natural hand lotion for men. This will help soothe any dry skin and heal any nicks occurred when performing your manicure.